IT Services Directorate

The IT Service Directorate is here to help you get the most out of our IT services during your time in the university. It is your first point of contact to raise IT requests, report IT issues and get answers to queries about University-provided IT facilities and services using our chat support system.

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+233506443916 +233541725002

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Service Categories

Help and support

Our central It service desk provides support for staff and students

IT Training

Keep our IT skills in great shape – there something for everyone

Information Security

Working with our information security team to keep our data safe

IT services

Hundreds of services for staff , students and the instituition

Our Services

Our central It service desk provides support for staff and students

IT projects for the university

Managing projects to improve IT for the whole university 

Student Resources

Find your custom tech list

Get a customized list of technology you will need based on your major and where you will live with.

Upon graduation, your access to Aamusted accounts and files will change. Learn more about account access and take action to preserve your files.

Let us help fix your device

Swift solutions for seamless device performance. Experienced technicians, personalized service. Your trusted partner for hassle-free digital experiences.

Same day repair

Awesome support

Request for a call

University IT services to help you connect and stay connected

University IT services to help you connect and stay connected

Log a self service request to the it Directorate for help

Report a problem to the IT Directorate

IT Essentials



We recommend that all devices accessing sensitive administrative or confidential research data…

Browse the course catalogue to select a course, check availability and book. You…

Get help with the computer that sits on your desk or travels with you, including 

User accounts for students and staff to access IT facilities. Register for an…

Important Help Desk tips during the coronavirus outbreak,…

Emergency services

Our team of expert is available 24/7 for emergency services

We know that IT related problems can be stressful and inconvenient, so we offer quick and relaible emergency services. if your are facing an IT emergency , dont hesitate to contact our Help IT Desk . Our team of experts are ready tp help you with the service you need in a reliable way

Need emergency help? Call right away